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24  - 2 - 2024

Well, it's been a pretty eventful start to the new year.  First off was a rare face-to-face interview with   https://billryderjones.co.uk/ before his in-store appeaerance at Rough Trade East. The man was utterly without airs, friendly as can be, and a great raconteur. A joy - just as his new album, "Iechyd Da". 

fA few days later came my "homegame" at  http://www.ellokal.ch/ in Zurich - simply my favourite venue anywhere - with my own evening of "story-telling and anecdotes" (including a brilliant new walk-on video, even if I say so myself). I can't tell you, kind reader, how much I enjoyed this evening! And then, in February, another "performance" at the glorious  https://www.militaerkantine.ch/en/ . This was just rewarding as the El Lokal night, firstly, because I felt I was really getting on top of material and timing, and, secondly, because I knew virtually noone in this town in the East of Switzerland. It was good to see that I could draw a good crowd in a town where I thought I had no friends.

The next time I'll be performing this program is on 9 May 2024 at Neubad in Lucerne (  https://neubad.org/event/d-si-calling-die-verr-ckte-reise-eines-musikfans ). More dates are being discussed as I type. However, if anyone knows of anybody or any venue who would like to offer me their stage, please do get in touch!

                                     El Lokal, Zurich - photo Markus Ernst

12  - 3 - 2024