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Hanspeter Kuenzler is a London-based Swiss freelance journalist specialising in music, arts and  football. He contributes regularly to Neue Zürcher Zeitung, NZZamSonntag, Nordwestschweiz, St. Galler Tagblatt, loop, Blue News and numerous others. For many years he was the London office for German Musik Express and Wiener. Until he got fed up with the Premier League business in spring 2022 he was the UK sports correspondent for Neue Zürcher Zeitung and NZZaS.

Hanspeter "Düsi" Kuenzler is a frequent contributor to national Swiss Radio and Television SRF, most often in the evening music show "Sounds!". He has published three books: "Black or White", a biography of Michael Jackson written before the singer's death (and a top 10 bestseller in Germany, Switzerland and Austria), "Der Thriller um Michael Jackson", a book about Michael Jackson fans, and ""50 Years: The Rolling Stones - Views from the Inside, Views from the Outside". Another book about the history of Cooking Vinyl Records is awaiting publication.

Hanspeter Kuenzler has interviewed some of the world's biggest stars and - rarely the same - some of the most interesting artists around. All are recorded on cassette, minidisc or MP3, and are available for use in print media and radio. The palette ranges from Fela Kuti to Elton John and Arctic MonkeysAnnette Peacock to Thom Yorke and Flaming Lips, and from Louis Moholo to P.J. Harvey. The collection today contains 2000+ interviews. For twenty-five years, Hanspeter Kuenzler has also kept an archive ofmusic- and arts-related material from the UK press. This archive now contains several thousand wallets stuffed with old-skool newspaper clippings - much easier to peruse than a Google-list of links!

From October 2017, Hanspeter Kuenzler ran a monthly Brit-comedy night in a Zurich theatre. A move to a different venue was scuppered by Corona and a venue that was suddenly declared unsafe.  He has also developed and performed his own show for small theatres in Switzerland about his  adventures in music.  Recently, he has completed a series of connected fictional stories in German about life in his patch of London, Kilburn.