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A bit more synth and ProTools this time round for the guitar/bs/drums band from Austin, Texas. But the songs are as intriguing as ever, and the sound textures combine machines and organic strings to often Eno'esque effect. There are some straight-ahead fun tunes - including the title track - but I like the moodier stuff more, "Pink Up" and "Us".

Spoon, "Hot Thoughts" (Matador)

Members of All Seeing Eye and Fat White Family as well as Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl all participate in fleshing out the imaginary band that appeared a while back in a most amusing concept album by the Eccentronic Research Council. The results are suitably sleazy, rockingly dark and sometimes gigantically over the top. In other words, a lot of fun.

Moonlandingz, "Interplanetary Class Classics" (Transgressive)

A much more polished and direct affair than their nebulously psychedelic debut, "Volcano" shows off the quartet's ear for a catchy pop melody to good effect. Some moments are positively Sparks-ish, in other places we suspect the influence of  "Fragile"-era Yes and Moody Blues. Well-crafted and refreshing.

Temples, "Volcano" (Heavenly)
Dirty Projectors, "Dirty Projectors"

I liked their last album. Now it's back to pure detestation. Endless artificially retuned falsetto warblings, machine-tooled bleeps and chords, unfathomably clever melodic meanderings. Grrr!

The Bin of Bile
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