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Friends, Artists, Layabouts

and other Pillars of Society


Cathal Coughlan, great voice, great lyrics, choruses perfect for the hit parade, great music


"Sounds!" -  THE music show on Switzerland's Radio SRF, every night from 22 00 to midnight, occasionally with me, live. And here's their facebook link, too.

Audrey Riley, cellist to the great (incl. The Smiths, Gavin Bryars, Cathal Coughlan, Icebreaker) and maker of her own great music

My agents, including Sebastian Ritscher, without whom, etc., Mohrbooks
Robert Rotifer, the only acceptable Austrian Post-Mod in existence

Veit's treasure island record shop, RecRec (and mail order)

The München Voodoo Doc, Dr. Will 
Thanks to King Creosote, the Fence stands tall

The intriguing carrier bag icons art of ZanRé 

Esszimmer, die verführerisch duftende Kochstube der Superköchinnen Chickofprey und Queenofsoup


Curious, Helen Paris's and Leslie Hill's great performance art establishment


Rusconi, Jazz but not Jazz


Nik Bärtsch & Ronin, home of "Zen Funk Groove"


The Evelinn Trouble


The man with the fiddle, Tobias Preisig.


An extraordinary composer, Niklaus Keller


Juwon Ogungbe, one-off with one foot in Nigeria, one in London, one in opera, one in the Fela-groove.
Thomas Wydler, Meistertrommler, Bad Seeds, Tanger Trio, solo, uvm. And here's my text about him.
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